#3 Teşekkürler

The first two weeks of my stay in Turkey I spent my time with the members of the Isparta Archaeological Survey-team. They are the ones who introduced me to Turkey: they showed me how to pour tea in a glass the Turkish way (adding water to half a glass of very strong tea); they had me eating bull’s hearts and ‘güllaç’ and drinking ‘ayran’ and ‘rakı’; ; they taught me how to say 'Tamam, Hocam!' humbly; they also taught me how to say ‘keçi boku’; they showed me how to eat two green peppers at once; they demonstrated me where to put your cigarettes, when there is no ashtray around and you are not allowed to drop it on the floor; and they informed me that the daily explosion was not some kind of terrorist attack, but a traditional manner to announce that people may start eating again during the days of ‘Ramazan’; but most of all: they gave me the experience of Turkish kindness and hospitality. It is to them that I devote this blog: teşekkürler!



          Dr. Bilge Hürmüzlü                         Özgür Perçin                              Dr. Ayça Gerçek                              Hakan Gerçek 



            Uygar Hecebil                               Utku Arinç                                  Çağatay Çelik                               Meltem Ayaşan



         Sencer Ölmez                               Ferhat Mendeş                               Cemre Yürükel                                 Benan Bozan



                Kaner Alp                                    Ilker Günaydın                                  Faden Hanım                                   Gaya